India is the diabetic capital of the world! People affected by diabetes have a weaker immune system and are at greater risk, if they are afflicted with any acute illness!  It is, hence, absolutely essential that they should keep their sugar level under effective control – ALWAYS!


The Hypnosis Specialist, Reputed Psychologist and Most Powerful Motivator


M.Sc.(Psych), M.Sc.(Chem), M.Phil, Ph.D(USA)

is conducting a  two-hour programme on this topic in Sir Thyagaraya Hall, T.Nagar, Chennai, from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.  on Sunday the 14th October.


In this progamme, Dr. Prabhakaran will elaborate how diabetic patients are luckier than others in the planet by constantly taking sedulous care of themselves without feeling the dreadful rigours of the diabetes and also by insulating themselves from this killer-disease problems like heart attack, blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, etc., to which they are more susceptible! He will reveal important secrets for your long life and vitality!  Dr.Prabhakaran’s speech will be highly informative, inspirational and challenging and will prove to be eminently rewarding!  It is solidly grounded on reality! HE WILL HELP YOU ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE AND LIFE TO YOUR YEARS!

This is a rare programme not to be missed! It is a must – not only for diabetic persons – but also for non-diabetic persons whose parents are diabetic, because they too are prone to become diabetics if not well taken care of. 

The entry fee is Rs.1000/Rs.500/Rs.200/-.  If interested to attend this powerful programme,  please contact  9842433924 /  044/45520328


Dr. Prabhakaran is not only treating patients afflicted with mind aberration and irregularities but also, using his powerful subconscious mind power implantation techniques, conducting personality development programmes to diverse segments of strata of society such as

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           ” Dr Prabhakaran addressed a Press conference in a star hotel in Mylapore, Chennai, preceding to his Programme on ‘UN VIDHI UN KAIYIL” held in T.Nagar, Chennai, on 27th May.  His words had more curative effect than even the allopathic medicines!”


“The confidence I have gained through the workshop conducted by Dr.Prabhakaran will help me definitely in my life effectively, comfortably and successfully! “

S. Naganathan, B.E.,Industrial Development Officer,Indian Bank,Chennai.

“The workshop conducted by Dr. Prabhakaran is really interesting and inspiring! If Dr. Prabhakaran’s theories are put into practice, everyone could be sure of reaping rich dividends! “

V. Narendrakumar,Systems Executive,Kasturi & Sons,Chennai. 

“Dr. Prabhakaran’s programme is very useful.  Tips on Time Management and Stress Management were good,  I wish that Dr. Prabhakaran conducts more such programmes regularly for the benefit of one and all.  His programme has infused in us a lot of confidence! “

B. Krishnamurthy, MA, PGDBA, PDDIRPM,Branch Manager,Group IV Securitas Guarding Ltd.,Chennai 600 034. 

“A well-organised lecture.  Dr. P.N. Prabhakaran, with his deep knowledge and professional expertise, is able to fulfill the requirements of the people who have come to attend his lecture with high expectations! “

A.K. Nedunchezhian, B.A., M.BA, DME, PGDPM,Group Manager (Operations),Surendra & Co.,Chennai.

“This is a wonderful workshop.  I have gained immense confidence by attending  the programme of Dr. Prabhakaran. “

J. Jayashankar, B.Sc., CAIIB,Deputy Manager,HDFC Bank,Chennai.