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Incest (Sexual relationship between relatives)

I had an incest relationship and was in extremely happy living. But suddenly it broke and didn’t work as my partner told me that he is no more interested and started going away from me listening to his parents’ words. I had an excruciatingly traumatic experience. I suffered like as though I was in hell. I didn’t know what to do. I abandoned my husband and son and all my relations and friends and was crazily after him. But he abandoned me one fine day. I felt like committing suicide. When I came to Dr.Prabhakaran for treatment during my visit to Chennai, he told me very confidently, Madam don’t worry, you will be saved from pain within a week. On the one hand I felt solace and hope from his words but on the other I could not believe his hopeful words, because I only know how much was my suffering . It was gruesome. But since I had no other go, I opted for the treatment as the pain was so severe. It was so surprising to me that he completely cured me, made me completely not dependent on him and I completely got freed from his illicit relationship. Dr.Prabhakaran, I really thank you from the heart and mere thanks will not be sufficient for the noble service you had done. You really restored my self-esteem and made me completely come out of the pain of guilt which I had been suffering though I enjoyed that illicit relationship. I wish you all the best for helping many more people like me who have been trapped by men and undergo suffering like in hell.

Acute Depression

My husband was suffering from acute depression. He used to worry constantly about life very meaninglessly when everything was fine in our life. He won’t smile. He always used to sit in the same place, think something, and remain always emotionless. He won’t react to any events or interactions and remained numb. His life, in short, totally got paralysed. I took him to many doctors in Scotland, but completely was not of any use. At last I came to know about Dr.Prabhakaran through Google search and came to know that he cures very complicated cases Without hope I showed my husband to him after coming to Chennai. He told me that he was terribly affected at the sub-conscious mind level and asked me not to worry and assured me that he will completely cure him. But, to be honest, I didn’t have any hope but opted for the treatment. To my surprise, my husband miraculously showed great improvement and came back to normalcy. He now attends to daily routines, lives happily with me and my kid, engages himself in household activies, and has started showing emotions appropriately. I thank you Doctor from my heart. A very big thanks to you. You had really created a Miracle. I can only say this. I never had hopes that he can be improvised and brought back to normalcy. But you completely cured him. What fears me now is that what would have happened if I had not at all opted for treatment from you, based on my hopelessness that he cannot be cured at all due to the horrible and traumatic experience I faced by suffering with him and didn’t find any improvement even by taking him to different doctors. I could not imagine the plight of suffering in my life, had I not come to you. A big Thanks once more to your great and noble service, Doctor. You and your treatment are really unique and could not find any parallel in the world. I strongly recommend people to experience your treatment should they have mind or relationship problems.


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