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God made man with flesh and blood. Dr. Prabhakaran has made me with powerful attitudes and bubble with a burning zeal to conquer the world!


Dr. Prabhakaran is not a Sorcerer, not a Saint! But how he made me realize my personal strengths and enormous potential, I am still to comprehend!

Love Failure and suicidal thoughts

I was in a relationship with a guy for five years. I had physical relationship too. But he abandoned me. I felt completely shaken and become hopeless about my life. Somehow a predominant thought occupied my mind that I could not marry any other person and live family life and thought my future is completely spoiled. I felt like committing suicide. I met Dr.Prabhakaran. He is really amazing. He restored my confidence, removed the scar that developed in my mind about the relationship damage which I experienced due to that guy’s ditching and he built my self esteem step by step and gave back my life. Now I am confident, got hope back in life and I am now living happily.


Overeating and anger

I was suffering from overeating, poor time management and extremely short tempered attitude. Dr.Prabhakaran completely cured me and now I am in control of eating. I now consciously choose eating healthy and less foods. I am going to gym regularly and also my anger was phenomenally reduced and I am managing my time perfectly.


Divorce Problem

My wife and I had frequent quarrels and I was suffering like anything. Our entire family life was not peaceful. We were almost on the verge of divorce. But we met Dr.Prabhakran and he gave a post marital counseling followed by treatment to my wife for her psychological problem which she faced. Now we both are living happily and peacefully.

Shekar , CHENNAI

Acute Headache

My grandson was suffering from acute head ache. He used to undergo enormous pain and cry very badly. My heart will break when I used to watch this plight undergone both by my grandson and my daughter, who cries on seeing her son suffering. I took him to many doctors. I took him to ENT, neurologist, psychiatrist everywhere. All of them said that he is normal and no abnormality is observed in the scan and asked me to show him to a psychiatrist. I had shown him to many psychiatrists but no improvement. I didn’t know really what to do, daily he used to get this headache two times a day and suffer a lot. At last, one of my friends referred me to Dr.Prabhakaran. Wow it was amazing. He completely cured him in a matter of ten sessions.

Dr.Prabhakaran really took enormous initiative to help my grandson get relieved of this headache. Initially there was not much improvement and told us that as he is a kid, he could not go deep into his subconscious mind but assured us that he would definitely cure him. He kept on giving different treatments and applied his own research oriented unique techniques and ultimately he made my grandson get completely cured. Now my grandson has been completely cured and is going to school happily. I am very much grateful to you Doctor for restoring peace and happiness in our family as our grandson means a lot for our family as he is the only grandson. You greatly helped me in making my grandson relieved of his acute pain and made him live happily.


Poor Memory Problem

My son was studying very poorly. His concentration and memory were miserably low. I got him treated by Dr.Prabhakaran. He has amazingly improved my son’s memory and concentration and now he is studying very well and performing good in school and his marks are very appealing! I really recommend the parents to get their sons/daughters trained by Dr.Prabhakaran for concentration, positive attitude, time management, and memory. Definitely your kid will perform great after the treatment he gets from Dr.Prabhakaran.



13 February 2011
Excellent treatment given by Dr. Prabhakaran

My son who is studying in X std was suffering from bedwetting for the past 5 years . He used to pass urine in night in the bed itself. Because of this problem he suffered a lot! Apart from suffering in home, we could not go on vacation, undergo group tours or go to relative’s house. Moreover, his self esteem went down and it had an impact on his studies and performance because of it. Though we undertook treatment for him with many doctors, it didn’t make much of an improvement. Dr.Prabhakaran, whom we came to know through some of my friends, gave his unique subconscious mind treatment and combined with other therapies like Hypnotherapy, CBT etc. He completely cured his problem within 10 days and made him relieved of this habit. Now he is fine and we are all happy. We feel it is really a miracle. Thanks Doctor ! Thank you very much



10 November 2010

I went to Dr. P.N.Prabhakaran for getting cured of my depression and he not only made me come out of it but also he made me a tough minded optimist and my life changed for the best. Moreover I went to many doctors who put me in complex dosage of medicines but Dr. Prabhakaran gave a very healthy treatment of counselling, CBT and hypnotherapy. Medicines only made me dull and prosaic and reduced my potential and put me under constant medication for long time. Dr.Prabhakaran is extraordinary, unique and excellent in not only giving professional treatment but also he is very patient and great in understanding the patient’s mind and problem dynamics and curing accordingly. I recommend everyone to try him. When it is mind related problem, Dr.Prabhakaran is the best.


Many Mind Problems

6 April 2011

My brother was suffering from mind problem for the past three years. We took him to many doctors and they gave a big list of medicines. But, despite this, he did not get cured. The situation not only got worsened but he got a lot of side effects. At last I came to know about Dr. Prabhakaran through Just Dial and from there to his website where we saw that he cures most of the mind related problems without medicines. While most doctors could not even guess exactly what is my brother’s problem, Dr. Prahakaran exactly diagnosed his problem and cured him patiently through combination of multiple therapies. He is really great. He gave back my brother and peace to our entire family. He is really God for us. Even while talking to him to inquire about my brother, I got very much energized. He is really extraordinary and amazing in treating mind related problems. From my heart, I extended great thanks to him. I really recommend everyone not to miss him is you or any of your relatives or friends is suffering from mind related problems. May God give him long lasting health to take care of many patients like my brother.



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