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Bhuvanesh E. Naidu, Thane, Mumbai

You are doing an excellent job, Doctor. You can easily motivate the people with a negative attitude into positive attitude!

Negative thinking

I am previously a negative thinker. But now I have become highly optimistic and enthusiastic and have started thinking positively.

Bargath Nisha Banu

West Mambalam, Chennai

Lack of self confidence

It is a nice moment with you, Doctor. You taught us the power of self confidence and the importance of “Belief System”. Your “Service to the Mankind” is “Service to the God”. Thanks a lot, Doctor.

R. Arun, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur District

Marriage , Misery and Despair problem

I am now 47 years’ old and living in Bangalore. My wife and I parted from each other 17 years ago just after three years of our marriage, following misunderstandings and frequent quarrels and lived a life of despair and misery. We lived in the same house but did not talk. On coming to know of Dr.Prabhakaran of Chennai through the programme he conducts in JayaPlus TV, our son took us to
Dr.Prabhakaran. Just in three sessions of counseling, Dr.Prabhakaran re-united us and made us realize our faults. We are now leading a happy married life. We thank Dr.Prabhakaran from the depth of our hearts!
It is our request to couples living a pathetic life of separation. Please meet Dr.Prabhakaran and get back to your happy married life! Dr.Prabhakaran is an expert marital therapist!

Gokul and Rajalakshmi, Bangalore

Acute Depression

Doctor, I am happy for the first time after four years.  Saw many Doctors for treatment of my mind problem and had acute medication but no remedy.  After your treatment, I find lot of changes in me.  I am fast getting cured and have started living a positive life.  You are the best Doctor in the Universe!

Mrs. Thanuja, Hyderabad


I was a short-tempered angry guy. I got myself treated by Dr.Prabhakaran and now I have become cool and calm. I am happy. Thanks to the Doctor.


When I was young, even at the age of 11, I could not speak even a single word. Because of this, I felt inferior and lack of self esteem. I came to know of Dr. Prabhakaran through Internet and I got myself treatment by him. Dr.Prabhakaran has completely cured me of my problem. I now feel that I am now reborn and I am confident that I can achieve many things in my life.


Doctor, when I first came to you for treatment, I was on the verge of a psychological breakdown. You made me come out of it by making me understand the true meaning of life and its values and motivated me to go higher in life than I ever dreamt of. Thank you, Doctor!


We both were in love for the past five years. Initially for two years life was smooth. But since third year we were constantly fighting. Relationship was pathetic and we were almost on the verge of separation. At that time we decided to meet a marital therapist. Dr.Prabhakran by his counseling and psychotherapies, made us to dissolve all the differences that existed between us and broke all the limiting beliefs and negative attitudes and made us rejoin again. Now if we both are living happily together means it is only because of Dr.Prabhakaran only. We are going to marry next month. Friends, we really recommend all lovers to undergo a pre- marital counseling session with Dr.Prabhakran. It will greatly improve your relationship with each other.


I was suffering from OCD and was in medication for the past five years. I used to keep checking and rechecking again and again all my acts. Only marginal improvement I got. Moreover I had many side effects and I felt dull and hopeless. But after getting treatment from Dr.Prabhakaran with CBT, Hypnotherapy and his own unique treatments, I feel great improvement. Now I am living peacefully and happily. Thank you Doctor.

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