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What Our Clients says about Dr. Prabhakaran's Training?...

N. Purandar Gurjale, Valasaravakkam, Chennai

It was a totally different training programme which was not only interesting but also informative. It will definitely change the life style of all the participants, it we sincerely follow the exercises given by Dr.Prabhakaran. Thank you, Sir.

Paresh N. Mehta, Insurance Investment Consultant, Chennai

It is great to be reborn again in this lovely workshop of Vidya Ratna Dr. Prabhakaran.


Thank you, Sir.

P. Ponnambalam, LIC Agent, Chennai

This is a turning point in my life. I would have much benefited, had I got this training in 1991 immediately after I completed 10 std. Not too late. Hereafter I will rise up and fulfil my thirst of earning crores of rupees. Thank you, Sir. I will become successful in my life hereafter. Success will not come without the help of a person like you. I will ask my son too to attend your programme at the right time.

M. Dhanalakshmi, LIC Agent, Chennai

This proramme will truly help me in boosting my business. Dr.Prabhakaran has given me solutions for all the problems I have faced in my business. I am confident of achieving good results in future. I should thank Dr. Prabhakaran for helping me in my business. I will reflect my gratitude to him by vastly improving my business.

M. Lalitha, LIC Agent, Chennai

Enjoyed this programme with involvement. Ideas were given with simple examples. Time management and Memory Recalling Skills were very effective.

Jayasri, LIC Agent, Chennai

This programme is very fine. If we strictly adhere to the strategies given by Dr. Prabhakaran, our output will be tremendous! Thank you very much, Dr. Prabhakar!

T. Kishore Kumar, LIC Agent, Chennai

After attending this workshop, I am now highly confident that I too can earn crores of rupees. Dr. Prabhakaran has taught us the necessary tips, tools and strategies for making this achievement.

C.A. Kishore, LIC Agent, Chennai 49.

The programme is incredible and was conducted in a perfect manner by Dr. Prabhakaran. He has cleared my root problem. This year, undoubtedly, I will achieve MDRT because of his powerful training!

Beena Srikumar, LIC Agent, Chennai

I loved the interaction among the participants and the Organiser. I am now confident of solving my drawbacks. Loved the MEMORY SKILLS programme which was wonderful. I will teach my son too on how to develop his memory power. Hitherto, I was feeling jittery to handle my prospects, not able to successfully handle their objections. Now I am beaming with confidence and will walk into their den with confidence and conquer them to boost my business. Thank you Dr. Prabhakaran!

S.Anusha, LIC Agent, Chennai

I liked this programme and have got fully motivated. I will not only be successful in my life but also I am fully confident of earning crores of rupees by applying the techniques Dr. Prabhakaran has taught us during this workshop. The MEMORY POWER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME taught by Dr. Prabhakaran is the best part of this workshop and will work well for people of all ages!

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