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C.A. Kishore, LIC Agent, Chennai 49.

The programme is incredible and was conducted in a perfect manner by Dr. Prabhakaran. He has cleared my root problem. This year, undoubtedly, I will achieve MDRT because of his powerful training!

Beena Srikumar, LIC Agent, Chennai

I loved the interaction among the participants and the Organiser. I am now confident of solving my drawbacks. Loved the MEMORY SKILLS programme which was wonderful. I will teach my son too on how to develop his memory power. Hitherto, I was feeling jittery to handle my prospects, not able to successfully handle their objections. Now I am beaming with confidence and will walk into their den with confidence and conquer them to boost my business. Thank you Dr. Prabhakaran!

S.Anusha, LIC Agent, Chennai

I liked this programme and have got fully motivated. I will not only be successful in my life but also I am fully confident of earning crores of rupees by applying the techniques Dr. Prabhakaran has taught us during this workshop. The MEMORY POWER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME taught by Dr. Prabhakaran is the best part of this workshop and will work well for people of all ages!

N. Sangitha, LIC Agent, Chennai 102.

The workshop was encouraging, enthusiastic, energizing and fantastic! I would have opted for LIFE MEMBERSHIP if Dr. Prabhakaran starts an organization for Insurance Agents for conducting such workshops periodically so that the tempo and rhythm we have got from his workshop may not wane!

Dhanalakshmi, LIC Agent, Chennai 20

Contents of this programme relating to PERSONAL SKILLS were excellent! Gave a lot of confidence and insight to deal business matters with introspection for achieving success in life. More time could have been allotted to honing of personal skills. Time constraint was felt. Had the workshop been extended for another two days, it would have been fine.

Latha Hariharan, LIC Agent, Chennai 101

This is an excellent workshop. Dr. Prabhakaran has changed the attitude of participants and boosted their confidence. I am sure of conquering the world in my business. Dr. Prabhakaran fulfilled the requirements of all persons who attended his workshop with high expectations. He is a man of excellence!

M. Ezhilarasan, LIC Agent, Chennai

This is a very effective programme.The “PLEASURE-PAIN and PAIN-PLEASURE” STRATEGY is excellent and is essential for everyone. If strictly followed, anyone can grow up financially.I have stopped taking coffee in the morning and, even during the coffee break during the programme, I avoided taking coffee. I found that it was not painful.This morning, I woke up early by 4.30 a.m. and typed out all the pending matters which was wonderful! I have now gained confidence that I will surely a crorepathy soon! Thank you, Doctor.

A. Radhika, LIC Agent, Chennai

Mr. Prabhakaran has changed my life style totally. Really I wonder how this miracle has happened in my life! Now I feel that definitely I will be the real successor and work-oriented in my career and, within a short period, you will receive this message. I have learnt how to be perfect and how to improve my personal skills. From 24th July 2004 onwards, I feel something different and I have got some tremendous power. Thank you, Dr. Prabhakar! I will never forget these two golden days in my life.

M.K. Chandrasekharan, L.I.C. of India, Chennai

Workshop on “INSURANCE SELLING SKILLS AND STRATEGIES” held in Hotel Shan Royal, Arumbakkam, Chennai, for Development Officers and Agents of Life Insurance Corporation of India on 24th and 25th July 2004.
During the two days of workshop, Dr. Prabhakaran dilated upon the following best marketing techniques on “INSURANCE SELLING SECRETS AND STRATEGIES”

  1. Targeting business entrepreneurs for boosting your business!
  2. Objections that are likely to be raised by the Prospects and stratagems to mollify them and winning them over!
  3. Harvesting clients among the people wallowing in wealth!
  4. Strengthening the Client relationship to reap more business!
  5. Concentrating on untapped Insurance Market!
  6. Techniques used by winners to close their sales!

At the end of the workshop, the Development Officers and Life Insurance Agents profusely thanked Dr. Prabhakaran for his powerful motivational workshop and left the auditorium, fully charged and energized! All participants have given their feedbacks in writing. The following are a few, randomly selected:

  • Very Interesting,
  • Very Informative, and
  • Life Changing Programme!

So far, I have been asking my Agents to do crores of business! But you have made them to EARN CRORES OF RUPEES!
Thank you, Mr. Prabhakaran.

Marriage , Misery and Despair problem

I am now 47 years’ old and living in Bangalore. My wife and I parted from each other 17 years ago just after three years of our marriage, following misunderstandings and frequent quarrels and lived a life of despair and misery. We lived in the same house but did not talk. On coming to know of Dr.Prabhakaran of Chennai through the programme he conducts in JayaPlus TV, our son took us to
Dr.Prabhakaran. Just in three sessions of counseling, Dr.Prabhakaran re-united us and made us realize our faults. We are now leading a happy married life. We thank Dr.Prabhakaran from the depth of our hearts!
It is our request to couples living a pathetic life of separation. Please meet Dr.Prabhakaran and get back to your happy married life! Dr.Prabhakaran is an expert marital therapist!

Gokul and Rajalakshmi, Bangalore

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