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Sam, Oracle, California (USA)

Dr. PRABHAKARAN is a GIFTED SPEAKER.  I attended his workshop as I was terribly moved by his treatment of my problem. His knowledge of the subconscious mind is phenomenal and his application to solving real world problems is admirable.  His speech on the subject was enlightening and powerful and extremely motivating.  Being in a presentation for just an hour made me feel very good about myself and brought in a lot of energy.  He is an extremely energetic motivational speaker.  If you have not heard one of his speeches, you are missing out big time – sign up right away!


            Dr. Prabhakaran beautifully blends humour in his speech which keeps the audience in a great mood while, at the same time, educating the audience about the uncommon knowledge about the subconscious mind.


            I will not miss any workshop or presentation he conducts!


SAM,   U.S.A.


Anxiety & Depression

I had been suffering from anxiety and depression caused by work stress and have consulted a number of psychiatrists for treatment in California (America) over a period of six months which made no difference.  I finally found Dr.Prabhakaran on the internet and decided to try him out.

            In just a matter of five sessions, he completely cured me.  He very patiently listens to every issue and determines the root cause of the problem and applies knowledge of subconscious mind in a unique manner, using his complete energy and passion to eliminate the root cause of the issue that tends to make a permanent difference.  I am fortunate to have found him and would recommend him to anyone who may be suffering from anxiety, depression or other related problems.

            Dr. Prabhakaran is a very kind thoughtful individual who is greatly motivated to help others reach their full potential.  I cannot say enough good things about him.  He did a wonderful job to help break old habits and reinforce positive thoughts and habits and his sessions have helped greatly!

            I full recommend Dr. Prabhakaran to help with any life changing changes you want to make — no matter how big or small!




Praveen, IT, SitePass

Doctor, you are doing an Excellent service for the society . your program was really Great and inspired me to live with great values . I felt ,It is really Amazing as i am getting the results out of the workshop everyday . Best, I’ve ever attended this kind of program. So i Highly recommend this program for others also to get the benefits out of it.




Programmer Analyst (IT)


Recurring Suicidal and Mad thoughts

Doctor, I am happy for the first time after four years.  I was suffering from suicidal thoughts and the thoughts that i am mad. ISaw many Doctors for treatment of my mind problem and had acute medication but no remedy. After your treatment, Not only I came out of that infectious subconsicous thoughts which you found and cleared but also I find lot of changes in me . Your speciality is you not only made me come out of the problem but also made me live very positively. I am fastly getting cured and have started living a positive life.  You are the best Doctor in the Universe!


Anna Nagar

Wg. Cdr. Mohan D. Kampala, Hotel Academy, Chennai

The lecture was quite thought provoking and will benefit the students. Please continue your good work to change the world!

R. Agilesh, Chennai

This was a very valuable programme. I received many rare pieces of information from Mr. Prabhakaran. Today is an auspicious day in my career!

P. Ahmed Asik, Nundambakkam, Chennai

This is a wonderful workshop and is really interesting and inspiring. You have changed me completely during this session.

Bhuvanesh E. Naidu, Thane, Mumbai

You are doing an excellent job, Doctor. You can easily motivate the people with a negative attitude into positive attitude!

A. Manikandan, Mudalivakkam, Chennai

Dr. Prabhakaran has given valuable tips during this programme which will make a big change in my life.

Negative thinking

I am previously a negative thinker. But now I have become highly optimistic and enthusiastic and have started thinking positively.

Bargath Nisha Banu

West Mambalam, Chennai

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