We read History but great people have made History and make us read their History! Where does the difference lie? Undoubtedly, the Positive Attitude, Self Confidence, Indefatigable efforts, Perseverance and Resoluteness with which these celebrities had striven for their lofty ideals and which we lack! Let your children at least imbibe these laudable traits! Let their lives be studded with successes and larded with glory!

Students do not lack resources. They can do the most incredible things. They have to be spurred to put their brains to work, to spruce up and to sharpen up their personality! What they need is just deep-rooted powerful motivation to shed their negative attitude, to transform their weaknesses into strengths, to steadfastly pursue noble virtues and laudable ideals, and to propel them to a higher level of purpose and commitment in their studies and personal life.

To instill in their minds this burning sense of aggressiveness to strive, to shine and to soar to stratospheric heights in life and to make their lives purposeful and pleasanter, Dr. Prabhakaran has been conducting Capsule Courses for students and ferreting out the enormous potentials that lie latent in the children and making them achieve their cherished goals! After your children attend this Course, you will find them in a totally different mood and mould, making you rub your eyes in disbelief to see the transformation they have undergone and the acme of academic brilliance they have achieved!

On coming to know of his adeptness and professionalism in bettering the performance potential of students, Principals of Colleges and Headmasters of Higher Secondary Schools have invited Dr. Prabhakaran to conduct in-house workshops for their students in their educational institutions. Accepting their invitations, Dr.Prabhakaran has conducted several such workshops for students too, on conclusion of which students and their teachers and professors paid compliments to his professional prowess.

Students of colleges – and a few schools too – have been indulging in agitations for trivial reasons. Spurred by political leaders, students skip their classes, come to the road and hurl stones on vehicles, causing swingeing damage to government and public properties. Innocent students, in whose minds their education and their rosy future should alone remain paramount, are becoming vandalistic! What a painful scenario!

Dr. Prabhakaran’s ravenous yearning is that students stepping out of the portals of colleges should zealously pursue higher studies of their choice, shine well and occupy the highest positions in society, in whom the Nation should feel proud and elated!¬†