What we do?


Death by suicide is the end point on a continuum that includes risk-taking behaviors and suicidal thoughts and attempts. The element most common to suicidal attempts and completions is the presence of a major psychiatric disorder. More than 90% of persons who complete suicide have a major psychiatric illness.

Several persons, who have attempted to commit suicide because of their deep frustration in their lives, have been completely cured by Dr.Prabhakaran. He has, through his subconscious-mind-implantation treatment, made them realize the ineptitude of their foolish decision to end their lives and the imperative need to live their lives with fortitude and forbearance and become successful. They are now bubbling with stoical confidence that they will lead a successful life in future.

Dr. Prabhakaran is famous for curing all types of mind-related problems through subconscious mind-changing patterns, including the following Mental / Emotional symptoms:

• Emotional, behavioural and relationship problems • Feelings of bewilderment
• Conflicts between couples • Indecision
• Marital Problems • Loss of Confidence
• Students’ Problems • Inability to concentrate
• Love Problems • Feeling of falling apart and loneliness
• Sexual Problems • Feelings of guilt/Sorrow/Disgrace
• Addictions • Feeling alone/Lost within oneself
• Stress • Little or no motivation
• Fear • Lack of emotional maturity and stability
• Anxiety • Obsessive thoughts
• Phobias • Compulsive actions
• Sleeplessness and Oversleeping • Strange thoughts
• Negative Attitudes • Thoughts of committing suicide because of frustration
• Depression • Overwhelmed by sadness
• Low Self-Esteem • Overreacting mentally/Emotionally/Verbally
• Overeating • Becoming short tempered


Should you suffer from any of the above problems, please contact Dr. Prabhakaran immediately, get yourself successfully treated by him and enjoy life-living happily. We would like to emphasize and reassure you that complete recovery from any of the problems you are suffering from is undoubtedly possible with our sophisticated treatment.

Our treatment is so deep-rooted and specialized that you will understand these symptoms. These symptoms may look frightening but these will not harm you. They are not serious. We repeat, they are not so serious as you imagine! These feelings will NOT crop up again – after you undergo our treatment!

Our specialized treatment aims to increase the patient’s sense of his own well-being. We employ a wide range of subconscious mind treatment techniques which are designed to improve the mental health of the patient.

Don’t allow your life to become prosaic, bitter and tragic because of affliction with any of these problems. Get yourself treated by Dr.Prabhakaran to get your problem cured, to enliven your life and to lift you up to Sunshine! After undergoing his sophisticated treatment, you will find the gains instant, results priceless and achievements amazing!