Sam, Oracle, California (USA)

Dr. PRABHAKARAN is a GIFTED SPEAKER.  I attended his workshop as I was terribly moved by his treatment of my problem. His knowledge of the subconscious mind is phenomenal and his application to solving real world problems is admirable.  His speech on the subject was enlightening and powerful and extremely motivating.  Being in a presentation for just an hour made me feel very good about myself and brought in a lot of energy.  He is an extremely energetic motivational speaker.  If you have not heard one of his speeches, you are missing out big time – sign up right away!


            Dr. Prabhakaran beautifully blends humour in his speech which keeps the audience in a great mood while, at the same time, educating the audience about the uncommon knowledge about the subconscious mind.


            I will not miss any workshop or presentation he conducts!


SAM,   U.S.A.