S. Balasubramaniuyan, Asst. Professor, Mailam Engineering College, Villupuram

I attended your workshop at Chennai from 22-09-2012 to 23-09-2012 .

The workshop developed me for succeeding in life with smart work.Dr.PRABAKARAN sir, you are not only motivating all the participants; you have trained the participants to set their goals and practiced us to use our subconscious mind for achieving our goals.

After getting your training i clearly understood, achievement of ambition is so easy without any hard work. But most of the peoples struggling and spoiling their life, without knowing the concepts of using the power of our subconscious mind.

I wondered your explanations about the power of subconscious mind and methods of using it for our life success.Your workshop was practical and possible for implementation in our life.

Every one should attend your workshop for solving their life problems, getting peace and happiness.

Dear sir I am confident that you can create peace and happiness to all the people of our society. I pray the almighty power to give all sources to you for succeeding in all  your efforts.


Assistant Professor/EEE

Mailam Engineering college