Marketing Executives of Companies

Workshop For Marketing Executives Of Companies

People are ready to buy anything for any price. In this competitive world, sales people should be so skilled that they ought to function as “Sales Professionals” but most of them hardly qualify even to call themselves as “Sales People”. The Sales Executive, who skillfully secures the customer’s rupee before other executives grab it, by impressing upon the people about the uniqueness of the brand of his company’s commodity, is the real sales professional! Most of the sales people, however, lack this knack and are struggling to promote even products that people are in dire need of. This is because they have not undergone adequate training in sales secrets, skills and strategies.

Phenomenal success of a company depends, not merely on the customers outside but more on the professional excellence of its marketing executives – their marketing skills and strategies, their deep commitment to their job, their performance potential, their resourcefulness, their ability to develop a positive attitude towards failures and to weather the storm in times of distress, and their skillfulness to strike rapidest strides in their business, steadily widening their business base and achieving insurmountable targets, thereby boosting the image of the companies they belong to and filling up their coffers!

In sales, motivation means everything! It is motivation that sharpens the selling skills of the marketing executives, generates a sense of confidence in them, serves as an impetus to achieve their ambition in their career, and adds lustre to their lives.

To impart training to the marketing executives in the spectrum of sales and sales management and in the art of dealing with people and successfully accomplishing sales with them, Dr. Prabhakaran has been conducting workshops on the topic


This high-profile workshop for your marketing staff will elevate your company to an unprecedented level, pulverizing all your competitors and paving the path for an unconquerable position in your business! Your marketing staff will be equipped with the concepts of high-profile selling skills and superb secrets that govern business success.

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