Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do mind problems arise?

Most of the mind-related problems arise due to inappropriate handling of the mind. When a patient suffers from mind problems for a prolonged period of time, the problem has reached the subconscious mind and here only the problem becomes acute and serious. Patients after reaching this stage have no other way than coming and getting treated. After treatment, the patient can completely get cured and can live a happy and healthy normal life. But the reality is that 99% of the population are not aware that it can be completely cured and they live their life with the problem itself.

 2. Why people are reluctant to come to Psychiatrists/Psychologists?

It is because in those days the treatment was available only for mentally affected people and the second reason is for other types of minor mind problems people didn’t have awareness and hence didn’t go to the doctor. Now the mind treatment techniques have vastly grown but only highly educated people realise and utilize the services of the doctors possessing expertise to cure such problems. Other people are still ignorant and fear to approach the psychiatrists/psychologists mainly fearing whether other people will label them as mental patients or may make fun of them.

3. What is the difference between psychiatrists/psychologists?

Psychologists cure mind problems through counseling and other methods and they don’t give medicines whereas Psychiatrists cure mind problems by prescribing medicines and very few give counseling too.

4. Please educate as to how to decide whether to go to Psychiatrists/Psychologists?

When the patients are in senses then they have to go to Psychologists but if they are completely not in senses and talking irrelevantly and behaving abnormally (in such patients there will be chemical change in the brain) then they should be taken to Psychiatrists only. Please be careful, it is always better not to take medicines for mind problems. So always please bring the patients when their problem is in the initial stage itself so that they may be cured without medicines. Even abnormal patients, after they become normal taking medicines, they may be taken to highly talented psychologist so that he may help him come out of the problem completely. A word of caution — never stop the medicines without the doctor’s advice. Medicines are not advisable  because most of the medicines wont cure the problem, but only will keep it subdued and once the medicines are stopped the problem will resurface and  will make the patient drug dependent and will also cause side effects.

5. Why is Dr.Prabhakaran the best in curing mind-related problems?

Dr.Prabhakaran is a world-famous Creative Therapist — that is, he uses his subconscious mind power to cure the patients who are also affected at subconscious mind level. He is one of the very few reputed Creative Therapists available in the world.  He can easily and effectively reach the subconscious mind of patients. Apart from this, he is a Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, Marital cum Sex Therapist, Thought Surgeon, Belief Architect, Spiritual Scientist and NLP Practitioner having International Licence.

6. What is Hypnotherapy?

Most of the mind problems are rooted in subconscious mind and  it is only with Hypnotherapy the patient can be easily cured at the subconsioucs mind level.

7. What is Marital Therapy?

Marital Therapy is the treatment that deals with the problems related to couples, lovers’ problem, family problems, and illicit relationship problems.

8. Can I know the fee structure and treatment modalities?

First the patient should take initial consultation session. The fee for this is Rs.1000/-. During this session Doctor diagnoses the root cause of the problem, its intensity etc. He tells you the problem, treatment modalities, treatment fee, number of sessions required etc.

The treatment fee varies depending upon the intensity of the problem, attitude of the individual, duration of the treatment, number of sessions, nature of treatment etc.

9. Can I know the success story of Dr.Prabhakaran.?

Dr,Prabhakaran has cured thousands of patients afflicted with mind-related problems for 5 to 10 years who kept on changing the doctor and were undergoing sufferings. Numerous patients were lucky enough to get themselves treated by Dr.Prabhakaran in the initial stage of their problems and to get completely cured. Patients from all over the world likeAmerica,Canada,London,Singapore,Sri LankaandDubaihave got themselves treated and completely cured by Dr.Prabhakaran.  For detailed feedback of patients who got themselves cured by Dr. Prabhakaran, please see the testimonials section of the website – www. mindandsoulcareclinic.com

Dr. Prabhakaran has conducted programmes in almost all Television channels like Jaya  Plus TV, Moon T.V., Raj Digital Plus TV, Sankara TV, Makkal TV, and Polimer TV. He has also written articles on curing mind-related problems in Daily newspapers like Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, News Today and also magazines likeMentor,Rani,NamThozhi, Snegithi, Thozhil Malar, Gokulam Kathir, etc.

10. Where can I get the DVDs, books and details of the Programme to be conducted by  Dr.Prabhakaran?

Please contact our clinic for the same or order through website. Every month one new DVD is released for sale and new programme conducted. For details, contact clinic office.

a. What are the programs conducted by Dr.Prabhakaran?

b. Design your Destiny (For all)

c. How to raise a positive kid in a negative society?(For Parents)

d. Enjoy your married life happily without quarrel (for Couples/Lovers)

e. How to sell a bulldozer to a housewife?(For sales/business people)

f. Secrets of Business success(For Business people)

g. How to become rich?(for all)

h. How to become a successful businesswoman (women)

i. Come out of any addiction in one day (For addicts)

j. Communication and Leadership skills(For all)

k. How to become a topper in Exams (For school/college/competitive exam students)

11. Is online counseling available?

Yes. Please see his website for details – www.mindandsoulcareclinic.com

12. What is Success Coach?

A success coach is a person who helps people achieve success. Dr.Prabhakaran is a most powerful motivational speaker and success coach. He helps every individual to become successful in life and to achieve his cherished dreams and fostered ambitions. So all people should get their subconscious mind conditioned to achieve success in life. He has advanced treatment techniques to make the mind conditioned for success.

13. Does he conduct outstation programmes and for corporates?

Yes for outstation programmes, Corporates, Schools, Colleges, Clubs and other organsations can contact Dr.Prabhakaran directly for appointment.

14. How to contact Dr.Prabhakran for appointment?

You can get appointment through his telephone 98400975t30, through email npk_dr@yahoo.com and through his website,: www.mindandsoulcareclinic.com