Development Officers and Agents of LIC and other Insurance agencies

Mr. Plesses of South Arfica, the largest-selling Insurance Agent in the world, is earning a fabulous commission of Rs. Seven Crores every year! He is so admirable in mastering the sales secrets and strategies, so superb in luring the people for insurance cover, and so splendid in rendering after-sales service to his clients!

To explore how he has made this wondrous achievement, numerous Development Officers and Agents of LIC have attended the workshops conducted by the Master Motivator Dr.Prabhakaran who piloted them to their professional excellence. After attending his workshops, they have been aggressively motivated to push through their business by infusing in them the sense of perseverance and determination to achieve their goals, the nuances of luring the rich people to go in for insurance cover, the skills and strategies to mollify the objections that may be raised by the prospects, and the tips and techniques for keeping their clients intact for decades. These Insurance Agents are now bubbling with unshakable confidence that they could now surpass their targets and do business for crores with admirable ease and felicity!

Visibly overwhelmed by the result-oriented techniques they have acquired by attending his workshops, these Insurance Agents now boast themselves of the tremendous transformation they have undergone in their belief system, the immense confidence they have gained in pushing through their sales, and the phenomenal improvement they have made in the following facets of insurance business:

i.        They now know the knack of successfully pushing through their sales and are able to increase their business manifold!

ii.        They have become experts in time management. They get up at 4 a.m. daily, converge at a place of their choice, and do spade work for their business to be accomplished on that day. They are happy that they are running well ahead of their competitors.

iii.        They ponder over, plan intuitively and devise strategies for handling their clients effectively and, hence, are able to successfully clinch their sale with almost every client they meet.

iv.        These insurance agents had hitherto been stricken with fear to face the barrage of questions raised and objections made by their clients, but now they have become adepts in this art of business promotion. They now go to their clients, brimming with the confidence of successfully tackling their objections and easily winning over them.

v.        They have become experts in closing their sales too, their client-base steadily widening and their profits sharply shinning up.

vi.        They have now learnt how to set and achieve meaningful goals with a clear vision, clarity of thought, sincerity of purpose and an uncanny sense of perseverance and determination.

vii.        Having learnt the relaxation techniques, they do not now undergo any stress and strain, whatever be the number of clients they meet daily and the amount of labour they put in.

viii.        They have undergone personal and professional attitudinal changes – not only are they successful in their personal life and official career but they have also made their entire family members live in exuberance.

Development Officers would be keener on placing the
Insurance Agents of their Branch on a higher plank by honing their skills in pushing through policies and in keeping them in the vanguard. Success lies, not in wooing 5 out the 20 prospects met by the Agents on a day, but in luring all the 20 people, to go in for insurance cover. The high-profile Training Workshops conducted by Dr.Prabhakaran does this trick!

The Insurance Agents, who have undergone training in the workshops conducted by Dr. Prabhakaran, have become strong in grit, stoical in endurance, outstanding in capabilities and extraordinary in calibre!

For bulk booking of Insurance Agents, please contact: 98400 97530. Responsibility for booking of Hall and arrangements for food in a decent hotel with fine environment for conducting the workshop will rest on the Development Officers.