Couples whose relationship is withering away, in order to avert divorce and to restore harmony

Life is full of imperfect things and challenges. People of diverse mental equilibriums, with different backgrounds, different culture, different beliefs, different religious faiths, and different interests join in the wedlock. Success of a healthy, growing and lasting married life of such couples depends upon learning to accept the faults and imperfections of each other and choosing to celebrate each other’s differences displaying a sense of resilience, understanding and magnanimity!

Misunderstandings that sprout between husbands and wives sour their relationship, making them feel detached, depressed and desolate. There is direst need to stop this downward slide and to start moving forward with greater sense of love and deeper commitment to each other. Pinning the blame on either of them will only widen the gap that subsists between them. Both the husband and wife should pore over the reasons for their estrangement and remove the irritants that tended to strain their relationship.

Instances are many in which husbands and wives, whose relationship has become bitter because of acrimonious differences of opinion, incompatible attitude and their sense of ego and intolerance and who have been driven to the verge of seeking divorce, came to Dr. Prabhakaran as a last resort before filing the divorce suit in the court. After his high-profile counseling and sophisticated subconscious-mind-transformation techniques, Dr. Prabharakan has made these couples realize that the excellent quality of a marriage depends on being able to disagree without inflicting permanent damage to their relationship and how they should recover from the conflicts that have got themselves entangled in, without hurting each other’s mental susceptibility. These couples are now, after Dr.Prabhakaran’s treatment, leading a conjugal life of deep love, amity, mutual care, peace and happiness.

On the topic of ‘SOLUTIONS TO WITHERING MARITAL RELATIONSHIP AND OTHER MIND-RELATED PROBLEMS”, Dr.Prabhakaran has also given several ‘LIVE SHOWS” in JAYA T.V., SUN Network, VIJAY TV, MAKKAL TV and MOON TV and in various Radio Channels, offering solutions to problems of this kind confronted with by the people. Dr.Prabhakaran has also written articles in several English and Tamil Newspapers and Journals on this topic of wide public interest.