Emotional, behavioural and relationship problems, Feelings of bewilderment, Conflicts between couples, Indecision, Marital Problems , Loss of Confidence, Students' Problems, Inability to concentrate, Love Problems, Feeling of falling apart and loneliness, Sexual Problems, Feelings of guilt/Sorrow/Disgrace, Addictions, Feeling alone/Lost within oneself, Stress, Little or no motivation, Fear, Lack of emotional maturity and stability, Anxiety, Obsessive thoughts, Phobias, Compulsive actions, Sleeplessness and Oversleeping, Strange thoughts, Negative Attitudes, Thoughts of committing suicide because of frustration, Depression, Overwhelmed by sadness, Low Self-Esteem, Overreacting mentally/Emotionally/Verbally, Overeating, Becoming short tempered

Why should the patients prefer Dr.Prabhakaran for treatment?

Dr Prabhakaran is one of the very few creative Hypnotherapists and Psycho-Spiritual scientists in the entire world. He firmly believes that all mind related problems are rooted in subconscious mind and hence cure also can be obtained only when treated at the... read more...

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  • Training

    Dr. Prabhakaran is a Most Powerful Motivator and is conducting open and in-house workshops for diverse segments of people. Those who have undergone his training courses have found the gains instant, results priceless and achievements amazing, as he has implanted permanent change in them through their subconscious minds!

  • Treatment

    All mind-related problems are arising out of improper handling of the subconscious mind. Even chronic patients, who have been declared incurable by medical professionals with medicines, have been cured by Dr.Prabhakaran through subconscious mind-conditioning techniques.